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You have come to this place because:

  • You are aware of yourself as part of the human family and you know the earth is part of this family
  • You want to honor and assist in the earth’s ascension process
  • You have a desire to contribute to the creation of the new earth as we move from the third dimension into higher dimensions of being

And, you want to be part of a community that is working together to smooth the transition to higher dimensions of being and are willing to share your heart, time and energy to work with other like-minded, earth-aware and committed souls who share an intention for the highest good and greatest outcome for all during these times.

It began with a Call to Action The New Earth Project Community was created by Jennifer Hoffman, channel for Archangel Uriel and founder of Uriel Heals community and author of the Enlightening Life newsletter, in answer to a call she received from her guides to bring together all of the earth’s energy workers and healers, those who carry and hold the energy of transformation and many others who love the earth and want to assist in the changes that it, and we, are going through. To join this new and powerful community sign up below and receive a free gift – The Energy Grounding Meditation from Jennifer Hoffman. So many of us have done this work alone and unsupported, it is now time for us to work together as acommunity of healers where our combined energies and intention can create an exponentially more powerful force for transformation.

What are you committing to?

  • To be a loving, supportive presence for the earth (which you already do) and remember that in your work you have a community supporting you
  • To reach out to others and let them reach out to you in your work, you would be surprised at the legions of loving hearts who are willing and eager to participate in this effort
  • To join on calls, participate in our forum and be present when you can. If there are special needs, you will be notified of them
  • To represent the area you work with and live in, as well as the global community, because each of us is on the earth at a particular location for a specific reason and our gifts and energies are to be used within that area.
  • To have an open heart and mind as we join together to create this community focused on ascension into higher dimensions of being and new vibrations for the earth and its human family.

What We Will Not Do

  • We are aware of the earth’s free will and will do everything with the awareness of honoring the earth’s intention for her own ascension.
  • We will not change the weather, alter the path of earth changes, or do anything that interferes with the earth’s highest good.
  • In everything, we will ask the earth’s permission first and then work in a manner that honors her soul path.


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About Jennifer Hoffman

Photo_coralJennifer Hoffman is an internationally renown author, intuitive counselor, spiritual guide and popular radio show host who helps a global audience connect to their highest potential and live on purpose and in their purpose. Her writings appeal to a wide variety of readers, with topics that include spiritual, self help, and business. Among her published titles are 30 Days to Everyday Miracles, The e-Business Primer,and The Difference Between a Victim and a Victor is I AM and her latest title, Ascending into Miracles – The Path of Spiritual Mastery.

In 2003 Jennifer was visited by Archangel Uriel and was asked to begin working with him in preparation for the upcoming ascension journey. At first Jennifer declined, unsure of why she was chosen (at the time she just wanted to be a corporate VP) but after a few months, agreed to begin channeling and created the Enlightening Life newsletter. Eight years later its audience has grown to over 4 million weekly readers who call its messages ‘life changing, eerily accurate, with timely and profound answers to their most challenging life issues’.

As the world's most celebrated and accurate intuitive, a gifted author and writer, and powerful motivational speaker, Jennifer uses her extraordinary gifts to provide accurate, soul baring guidance that empowers her clients to live a life that is conscious, intentional, purposeful and authentic. She also hosts the Enlightening Life weekly radio show which boasts over a million listeners since it began airing in 2008. 

Her client base includes people from all walks of life and in more than twenty years of providing guidance and information which clients praise as being highly accurate, Jennifer has always been able to immediately identify a source of frustration or energy blockage and provide tools for resolution.

A life long, natural intuitive, Jennifer had her first intuitive experience when she was three years old. She describes her style as compassionate, insightful, humorous, gentle, and firm. “I am part of people’s lives in their most challenging times”, Jennifer says, “so what I tell them must be useful in the scope of providing solutions, as well as respectful of the pain they are in and mindful of their ability to see and embrace their transformation and potential.” In describing how she connects with people and sees the energy around their present, past lives, and future potential to unravel the purpose of their most painful life lessons, help them get closure with their most closely guarded secrets, fears and pain, to quickly suggest life transforming solutions and alternatives. She has been called a ‘psychic’s psychic’ because many of the world’s renown spiritual teachers seek her guidance and support. Jennifer spends her time writing, gardening, and maintains a busy consulting practice and travel schedule. More information can be found at http://www.enlighteninglife.com/

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